Entrepreneurs Look Out

When I first started out in business I was scared to death about what I thought I was about to do which was fail on an epic level. I mean look going out on your own and building something from scratch was never taught to me or emphasis in school. It was like jumping off a cliff and hoping you grew wings real quick and would glide to safety. Actually it is very hard to put into words how it feel without actually doing it yourself so let’s just leave it at that. As time went on I made some very big mistakes and lost tons of money which really made me want to quit what I was doing and just go get another job to help build someone else’s dream. My inner gut feeling was what I followed and it was telling me to just keep going because you never know how close to the gold you actually are until you strike a vein. I listened to my inner voice when everyone and thing was telling me I was crazy and it would never work. This time in my life was extremely mentally taxing and some how by the grace of god I made it through and came out victorious on the other side. The other side being my first business deal and the first time I had ever turned a profit. Lesson is guys just KEEP GOING!! You have to or you will be guaranteed to fail and never even have a shot.